Rick Ross Hits Back With “Summer’s Mine” A Diss Jawn For Jeezy?!?

Rick Ross Hits Back With “Summer’s Mine” A Diss Jawn For Jeezy?!?: “B*tch I Run The South, I’m What You Wanna Be!!!”

Young Jeezy and Rick Ross New Music "Death Before Dishonor"
The other day we posted Young Jeezy’s new jawn “Death Before Dishonor” and according to Jeezy, that jawn was not intended for his labelmate. Rick Ross new jawn “Summer’s Mine” was leaked today and how ironic… It’s a diss record. Did Ricky Rozay feel some type of way about Young Jeezy using his beat???
Tell Us What You Think About “The Summa’s Mine”:

Rick Ross throws the city Cleveland in this song but we can really on recall one rapper that’s from Cleveland and that’s Kid Cudi… Oh, can’t forget about Bone Thugs in Harmony but they’re not even relevant. Nevertheless, Kid Cudi doesn’t rep the south so… WHO IS RICKY ROZAY TALKING ABOUT!??!



Original audio source (summasmine.mp3)

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